On this page you will find a list of the Services that I provide along with a short description about each Service. If you have any questions or would like more information about the Farm Office Services that I provide then please get in touch with me – Sally.

Book Keeping Services


Monthly or quarterly, manual or computerised using Farmplan Business Manager.  After each visit I will leave a list of money owed to you and money owing by you, what your bank balance will be after everything cleared, and what your VAT refund or payment will be.

Cheque Printing Services

Cheque printing or BACS payments

I will prepare cheques for signature either handwritten or printed, ready for you to sign and post.  Alternatively I will leave a list of BACS payments for you to make using internet banking, or I will use internet banking and process the BACS payments for you.

Profit and Loss forecasting Services

Profit and Loss forecasting

Cashflows and budgets for the bank including attending meetings with your bank manager.

Year-end accounts and tax returns services

Year-end accounts and tax returns

I specialise in farming accounts so have vast experience of farming matters and the tax rules and allowances for farmers.

Payroll Services

Payroll including RTI and Pension Auto-enrolment

Monthly payroll with payslips provided for employees, RTI submissions to HMRC using SUM-IT Total Software.

applications services

Basic Payment Scheme Applications

Annual Returns online (when available) or paper versions.
RLE1 completion for land and entitlement transfers.
Assistance with RPA correspondence.
Mapping changes.
Customer registration & business structure changes.

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